Wednesday, 30 November 2016

How To Use Laptop Fingerprint Sensor On Windows 8.1

How To Use Laptop Fingerprint Sensor On Windows 8.1
Hello, friend!
How are you hope you are? Hope you are very well. In my office, everybody says how to use fingerprint on windows 8.1. Last time I have been showed you how to use your laptop fingerprint sensor on windows 7 for HPProbook 440 G3 and 450 G3. But today I am going to show you how to use your laptop’s fingerprint sensor on windows 8.1. 

These tricks work on any laptops. But at first, you need to confirm that your laptop’s fingerprint sensor driver is properly installed on your laptop. So, friend lets see how to use your fingerprint sensor driver on windows 8.1………...

Go to corner of your right side --> Click on Settings --> Click “Change PC Settings” --> Click “Account” --> Click “Sign-in-option.

From the right side under the password click “Add” button. Now opening a new popup menu. Enter your preferred password in the blank box and re-enter the same password and also enter a password Hint, which can help you for remembering your password. After finishing this click “Next” then Finish.

Now from the right side, under the PIN button click “Add”. Now will open a new popup window. In the blank box enter the password then click “OK”. 

Now enter a four-digit PIN number in the blank box (Example: 1234) and re-enter the same PIN number into the second box.

From the right side under the Fingerprint button click on “Add”. In the blank box enter your password then click “OK”. Now scroll your one finger four times and scroll another finger four times then click “Finish”.

Now your job is done. Restart the computer and enjoy. If this article helps you, please share this with your friends. 

 Thanks to all of my friends.

Video of this......


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