Thursday, 7 April 2016

Test Your Memory On Windows 7

Test Your Memory On Windows 7
Test Your Memory On Windows 7
Your computer is slow or you suffer increasingly its regular crashes? Your problem may be one or more arrays of memory (RAM) defective. To get to the bottom, you can perform quickly test your RAM sticks with Windows 7. For those who do not have this version of the operating system, you can go through a utility such as memtest.

To start the memory diagnostics WIndows 7, click the Start menu, then type in the search box the phrase diagnostic memory.

A click on the Windows Memory Diagnostic link opens the program. This offers two solutions: Analyze the memory immediately restarting the computer, and then do the next reboot. Depending on the tasks that you may be trying to do, choose the option that suits you. For this tutorial, I chose the first.

Windows 7 then restarts and displays a program on blue background (very suggestive). You have nothing to do but to wait (the wait will be longer if you have a large amount of memory).

After the test, you will know if any problems occurred. The computer continues to boot and Windows will show you a report that will appear in the notification area (near the clock). Depending on the results, you will know whether it is better to change your barrettes or refer you to other investigative tracks!


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