Thursday, 16 April 2015

How To Lock A Folder Without Any Software

How are you my friends? Hope you are very well. Everybody have some important document which we don’t want to share with anybody. For this reason we search a powerful software, which can protect our important document. But there are too expensive for us. Sometimes we use crack/patch software but crack or patch software is not reliable for us.

What do you think, if you can make a folder locker? Yes today I am going to show you how to lock a folder without any software. If you want to do this, please follow my bellow procedures.
At first download a text file from here…

After downloading the text file, please open the file and enter your password replacing with marked item.

After giving the password, save this file like the bellow image.
Now go to the location where you saved, after going there you will see a batch file. Double click on this file, you will get a folder which name is private. This is your wanted folder where you save your important document. Double click again on the batch. Now you will see a black screen like the bellow image. Press Y then Enter.
After doing this your folder is locked. If you want to unlock the private folder, double click again on batch file and enter your password and press Enter.

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